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                             2023 PICKERING BROOK GOLF CLUB COMMITTEE (Men)


              POSITION                                   NAME                                                        PHONE



       PRESIDENT                              DENE MARSHALL                                         0438036698

       VICE PRESIDENT                    MURRAY HOUGH                                         0427936373


       CAPTAIN                                   RODNEY HOUGH                                          0414844533

       VICE CAPTAINS                      DENE -RUSSELL -MURRAY


       SECRETARY                            GERRY BROWN                                               0455795422


       TREASURER                           ALLAN MONCRIEFF                                       0428046628


       HANDICAPPERS                   PAUL TURNER                                                  0473191354

                                                         MARK TURNER                                                0491376935


       CLUB COACH                       MICHEL DUJARDIN                                         0488673898


       SPORTS CLUB REP              RUSSELL JENKINS                                              92938333


       COMMITTEE                                                                                                                                                                                            RENE SCHARLI                                                     93906694

                                                        RUSSELL JENKINS                                               92938333

                                                        GARY ADAMS                                                        92932132

                                                        LEN DUDLEY                                                      0417938727

                                                        WENDY KERR                                                    0438985136


       GROUNDS COM.                                                                                                                                                                                      RUSSELL JENKINS                                              92938333

                                                        LOU CONTI                                                           92932444

                                                       DENE MARSHALL                                                93982453

                                                       MURRAY HOUGH                                             0427936373

                                                       DENISE LUDEMAN                                           0448403325

                                                       ROD HOUGH                                                      0414844533

                                                       LEN DUDLEY                                                     0417938727



                                                      DENE MARSHALL                                                93982453

                                                      MURRAY HOUGH                                             0427936373

                                                      RODNEY HOUGH                                              0414844533




                  PICKERING BROOK GOLF CLUB                                                                                           PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY









                                                ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

                                 SATURDAY OCTOBER 14th   2023

                                 at 9:00am.   IN THE CLUB HOUSE


               Nominations for the office must be on the nomination sheet provided on the notice

               board and must be signed by the Nominee, the Proposer and Seconder.                                           Nominations accepted from the floor if needed.


                    Nominations close at 6:00pm on Saturday, October 7th 2023


                   All other Monthly Committee Meetings are expected to start at 9.30 am.





                                   Chairperson:                JANE NORRIE                    

                                   Captain:                       WENDY KERR            

                                   Handicapper                BETTY SWAIN                     

                                   Treasurer:                    CATHY BLECHYNDEN      

                                   Secretary:                     DELYS COLQUHOUN        

                                   Vice Captain:               BOBBY BAKER                                                 

                                   Catering Convener:    SALLY HALE                     




           THURSDAY      NOMINATIONS CLOSE  9.30 am.  9 HOLE comp 10.30 am                                                          Competition book must be signed and fees paid $10

           UNACCEPTABLE CARD    When a card is unacceptable for any reason, which does                         not affect the gross score at each hole, the card must be put in order and accepted for                      handicapping purposes.

          PLEASE BE COURTEOUS   If you are going to be late, notify the Captain or the club

          DRESS         A neat mode of dress at all times                                                                

         CONSISTENCY / AGGREGATE:      Points on all individual games.

         ECLECTIC       On all individual games.                                                                                               GEORGE SPRIGGS      2 Rounds -12 holes Stable ford - Total Points

         JUBILEE FOURSOMES      Stableford = half combined handicaps

         CHAMPIONSHIPS      One grade 3 rounds of 18 holes Stroke, Gross and Nett.

          All rounds to count. There to be a limit of no less than 6 people for the championships.

         FOURSOMES CHAMPIONSHIPS        2 rounds 18 hole stroke play. Gross and Nett

          There to be a limit of no less than 4 pairs.

         TROPHIES:      18 Holes-Voucher $30    R/up $20

          9 Holes-Voucher $20    R/up $10

          Minimum 5 players in a competition

          Note- These games will be played during the year

          Silver Spoon, Inter Bowl, George Booth, GWA Challenge TBC




                                      CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS



                   Nominations for All Championship events, Individual or Fours,  will close at                       on the Sunday prior to the event and no further nominations will be accepted.                                        The  Match Committee reserves the right to accept late entries to balance the                              field on a first come first served basis.                                                                             

                  Individual champion in each grade will be determined by the lowest  gross score                          for 3 of 4 rounds of 18 hole stroke play.               

                  In the event of a tie in any grade the Champion of the grade will be determined                          by a  “sudden death “ play-off of the tied players.

                  TO QUALIFY for the Championship Tournament, a member must play in not                           less than 6 individual Pickering Brook Club Events in  the 2021 season or at the                                discretion of the Match Committee.

                  Sudden Death Play Offs will be decided by playing No 1 then No 18 until a result                    is obtained. Play Offs to be held straight after the fourth round or next available                               game if required.

                 There will also be a NETT CHAMPIONSHIP  played in Conjunction with the                              Club Championship best 3 of 4 rounds of 18 hole stroke play  from any grade                               with the lowest combined total 3  NETT scores .

                  In the event of a tie in the Nett Championship the winner will be  decided by a                       count back starting from the best third round played.

                  Only one trophy can be won by any one person for the Championship.

                 A MINIMUM OF 5 PLAYERS IN EACH GRADE. Match Committee can                                  change grade handicap range if required.

                     A GRADE 0-19         B GRADE 20-32          C GRADE 33-54


thank you to Sponsors

                             DINGO    BREWERY

                             Unit 3 / 17 -21 Farrall Road    

                             Midvale    08 9274 5600



STANDARD PLAYING CONDITIONS  ( Men )                                                                          

                                    All games commence at 11.00am , unless otherwise stated.                                                                      If you do not have a group leave your name with the tee master who will

                           assist to make groups.

                           Sunday events staged by Associates or Members , Nominate half an

                           hour prior to tee off.

                           Handicaps will be applied to all events including scroungers.

                           Score cards handed in after 5.40pm Saturdays and 4.20 pm Sundays

                           will not be used for handicapping and will be ineligible for prizes.

                           The Tee Master and at least one other Match Committee member

                           are in control of that days competition.

                           Members, the minimum standard of dress on the course is neat/

                           clean , untorn apparel and closed in shoes. Committee sign off.

                            Nearest the Pin

                            The ball must be on the green to qualify , unless otherwise nominated.

                            Practice Fairways

                            No 2 and No 9 Fairways only. NOTE : do not hit off TEE BOXES.

                            Practice Greens : No 2 , 9 and No 18 .

                            Shotgun starts

                            most games -Done at Captains discretion

                            36 Hole Competitions       

                            Both rounds played off same tees.

                            Eclectic Competition

                            Conducted on events nominated in fixture book, tallied by the

                            handicapper and measured against one half of final handicap at

                            the end of the 2021 season.

                            Aggregate Competition

                            Competitions will be staged in the 2021 season on events marked in

                            the fixture book. Points will be awarded on the nett results of the   

                            days play. Winner receives 10 points, the runners up 8,6,5,4,3,2,1   

                            plus each participant receives a point. Score sheets will be              

                            maintained by the handicapper.      



                         TROPHY PRESENTATIONS

                            Trophies for all Championship events ,the Eclectic and  Aggregate                                                      Competitions will be presented at the social event,as per fixture book.

                      1.   Individual donated trophies or Club trophy will have a minimum of $30                                            value.  

                            a. On the trophy day 1st wins that days trophy, 2nd 2 golf balls,                                                          3rd 1 golf ball

                            b. Flag novelties -max of 4. Excluding a major club event,eg Open  Days/                                          invitational days. Or Match committee approval.

                      2.   For the above to occur a minimum of 10 must play on the day.

                            Team events min 12 for pairs /or groups of 3. 16 for groups of 4.

                            a. If less than 10 the following will apply

                            b. 1-3 players -1 golf ball to winner , no other prizes apply

                            c. 4 players – 2 golf balls to winner , 1 to 2nd,no other prizes apply

                       3.  If no trophy is designated on the day and there are 5 to 9 players

                            in play, then 3 golf balls to winner, 2 to 2nd and 1 to 3rd.

                            a.  A trophy day is a day programmed in the fixture book.

                            b. The Match Committee can authorize a trophy day outside

                            of the fixture book if

                            c. The proposal is in writing and

                            d.  Written confirmation given by the Match Committee

                       4.  Any ball / card sweep or any other type of draw can only be run

                            when a minimum of 7 players play.

                                         a. For every 7 players 1 ball can be given away. Eg 7=1 ball

                            14 = 2 balls, 21 = 3 balls etc.

                            b. The only exception is on specific days, eg Open days, other 

                            events when other clubs participate.

                            c.  Or at the Match Committees discretion.

                            d.  Any sweep will be run as 1 free with minimum game day fee

                            and 50 cents per extra entry.

                      5.   The only other situation that receives a prize in golf balls is

                            a Hole In One or an Eagle. Maximum 3 in a season.

                            a. Only applies to fixture book allocated trophy days and /or

                            3a and 3b above.

                            b. Hole In One – Limited to 12 golf balls per person-per game.

                            c. Eagle -Limited to 6 golf balls per person-per game.

                            d. For 9 hole competitions only 1 prize applies over 2 consecutive

                            rounds-equaling a normal 18 hole round

                      6.   Any game that is played under GOLF handicap conditions with 

                            any prize given, ALL cards must go to handicapper.

                            a. This includes DNF, damaged etc.

                      7.   Any game played outside the above points cannot hand out any Prize.

                            a. These games will be described as ''Social games''

                            b. These games forfeit any predetermined Game Days and start

                            times if the Captains or Match Committee organize a golf day

                            Complying with all points between 1-6 and point 8.

                      8.  All games will have a minimum entry fee.

                           a. Up to 12 holes =$6

                           b. Over 12 holes $=10

                           c. All guidelines above apply to point 8.

                      9.  All games are to be played using the guidelines                                                                                        They also follow the rules of golf book,handed out each year.

                          A game follows the procedures in                                                                                                                ''Golf Competitions and how they are played''                                                                                           as listed in Golf Australia advice- version -10 July 2015

                           Anything else played can only be under a Social Golf heading as

                           it is not a recognized format.


                                  Thank you to Brendan            Magic Garden Supplies                                                                                                                      Cnr Tonkin H'way & Welshpool Rd 

                                                                                         Wattle Grove   Ph   93594545


                                                                                                                                                                           COURSE MAINTENANCE  ( All )

                                         Our club membership fees are kept to a very low level due to the

                            members themselves maintaining the course with only minimal

                            paid labour involved. Every member has the right and duty to help

                            keep the course in good playing condition. There are many light

                            but essential jobs that need doing every week throughout the year.

                            MEMBERS will be allocated certain fairways and may be asked to

                            work as a team for certain tasks. Please consult the secretary if you

                            have any problems with your appointed roster or you need a hand.


                                     PLEASE DO YOUR BIT FOR YOUR CLUB

                            BUSY BEES are usually held just prior to major events to ensure

                            the course is presented in a manner of which we can be proud and

                            which will provide the fairest playing conditions. It is your right to

                            participate in these events. If you are healthy enough to play golf,

                            you are more than fit enough to take part in BUSY BEES. It is a

                            perfect opportunity to get to know other members and to be more

                            a part of your club.

                            These are noted in the fixture book , others will be announced

                            when required.  

                            E-mails and phone calls will be used in conjunction with                                 

                            announcements on game days to inform members of busy bees.

                            As a guide it is expected that 2 busy bees will be held  prior to

                            season commencement, on Sundays. Other busy bees will be on

                            Sundays or during a playing month as required. The Saturday 

                            before the Mens Open Day  and prior to the Ladies Open day 


                   1.    No one should move,talk or stand to close or directly behind  the ball or                                     hole when a player is addressing the ball or  making  a stroke.

                   2.     The player who has the honor should be allowed to play their ball before                                 their opponent/ fellow competitor tees  their ball , if the player wishes.

                   3.    No player should play until the players in front are out of range.                         

                   4.    In the interests of all ,Players should play without any undue delay under                                  new 40 second rule guide lines.

                   5.      Players searching for a lost ball should allow other players coming up to                                  pass through, 3 minute rule. They should signal to the players following  to                                       pass and  should not continue their game until that group is out of range.

                   6.   “Through the Green ” , a player should ensure that any playing surface                                     they displace is repaired before moving on. Replace any divots, break in                                               edges of  holes and smooth or otherwise repair.            

                   7.     On the Green. Players are not to wheel buggies across , drop bags or                                        flagsticks on or otherwise damage the putting surface.

                   8.     At the completion of the hole the cup must be emptied, the flag stick                                       replaced properly and the area around the hole smoothed for at least one                                             metre. Taking care not to leave ridges that may obstruct the entrance to the hole.               

                  9.     Move to the next teeing ground before marking cards.                                         

                 10    You are encouraged to play “ ready golf” at all times to speed up play.

                                       Players are reminded that golf is a social /group 

                                                                                                                                                                                           UNFINANCIAL & UNAFFILIATED MEMBERS ARE INELIGIBLE                                                               FOR TROPHIES   (at match committee discretion)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                      SOCIAL GOLF  at any time but please give way to competition players                                          SUMMER GOLF  Please check with playing  groups to confirm starting times                                                            



     We appreciate the continued support of    G T BOBCATS    Pickering Brook                                                                                                                                           Phone Trevor Beard 9293 8168                                    





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