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            CLUB  MEMBERSHIPS   from only  $20 per annum

         As from 1/4/2019 memberships at Pickering Brook Sports Club have been simplified.                        Standard Associate (Social) Membership without  sports  connection is only $20 p.a. 

                                       $50   p.a. for Adults (Ordinary with sports connection)
                                       $10   p.a. for Juniors
                                       $20   p.a. for Associate (no voting rights or sports connection)

             Each Sports Section is responsible for their own finances and may charge a small fee               to cover their  expenses. For example PBSC  Golf Section charges  around $60 ( which covers               the Affiliation Fee to Golf WA)  and a competition game entry fee.
            Membership at PBSC entitles you to the use of the premises and the bar. It also gives               you a discount on any of the Function Hire charges.(details on application)                                       PBSC  full membership also enables you to join one or more of the several sports that                       call  Pickering Brook home.

             To join us please contact Steve Evans  to discuss your requirements.                                                                     Phone:  (08) 9293 8263  or  0466 996 104                                                                                 Email :
                or any of those persons named in the different sports sections           

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