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                               PICKERING BROOK GOLF CLUB 

                                       GOLF COACHING 2023

                               WE  REGRET THAT COACHING IS  NOT                                                                                CURRENTLY AVAILABLE


                           Juniors,Boys, Girls, Adults & Seniors 



Pickering Brook Golf Club is running Juniors, Girls, Seniors and Adults golf coaching program during 2022. The program is run by an Accredited Golf Coaching Community Instructor. The program is to promote the game and help everyone improve and get a better understanding of the game by keeping the instruction simple and easy to understand. The program is delivered in a manner to developer enhance life skills such as respect, sportsmanship and perseverance. Also, to have fun and activities that allows for skills repetitions and progression. Coaching and clinics are for anyone, no matter if you play or not. General golf coaching no matter your age, all are welcome, family members, friends, club members and anyone interested in learning golf or improving their golf game. Golf equipment can be provided if required. For more information about Pickering Brook Golf Club, visit


Coaching Registration

The fee for the season is $30.00 per participant for the year 2022.

Note, final registration date is 30th October 2022 for this year.

You can register on line by pointing on the link while pressing the CTRL key, (for Seniors and Adults on Wednesdays) (for Girls, Juniors, Adults and Seniors on Saturdays)

this should take you directly to the appropriate web site screen.

If you have problems. Call, text message or email Michel Dujardin Mob: 0488 673 898 Email:

For more information on Golf WA News, Fixtures, Rules of Golf, Handicapping and more. Visit Golf WA Website:


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